2015 Program

Lecturers and topics

Prof. An Ghysels (U-Gent) Ab initio catalysis (5 hours)
Dr. Geert Brocks (TU-Twente) Graphene and other 2D materials (5 hours)
Prof. Moniek Tromp (UvA) --- canceled ---
Dr. Rosa Bulo (UU) Mixed quantum mechanical and classical modeling of complex atomic systems (5 hours)
Dr. Bernd Ensing (UvA) Kramers theory of reaction kinetics (4 hours)
Dr. Bernd Ensing (UvA) Integrators and Rare Events (3 hours)


  9:00-11:00 11:00-13:00 17:00-19:00 20:45-22:00
Monday     Brocks Presentations I
Tuesday Ghysels Ghysels/Brocks Brocks Presentations II
Wednesday Ghysels Ensing Bulo Presentations III
Thursday Ensing Bulo/Tromp Tromp Excercises
Friday Bulo Tromp departure after lunch  

Student presentations I (Monday)

20:45 - 21:05
Local multi-resonance description of excited states
Habiburrahman Zulfikri and Claudia Filippi
21:10 - 21:30
Computation of lateral interactions for Fischer-Tropsch on Co(0001)
Bart Zijlstra, I.A.W. Filot, R.J.P. Broos, E.J.M. Hensen

Student presentations II (Tuesday)

20:45 - 21:05
Contribution of delocalized OH-oscillators within the surface water network
Jan Schaefer and Mischa Bonn
21:10 - 21:30
Energy dissipation on interstellar dust particles
Adrien Fredon and Herma Cuppen
21:35 - 21:55
Dynamics study on dissociative chemisorption of H2 on Pt(111)
Elham Nour Ghassemi and Geert-Jan Kroes

Student presentations III (Wednesday)

20:45 - 21:05
Molecular recognition and confinement driven reactivity in enzyme mimicking Lewis Acidic zeolites
Roderigh Rohling, Evgeny Uslamin, Evgeny. A. Pidko, Emiel. J. M. Hensen
21:10 - 21:30
Probing the hydroformylation reaction on formaldehyde
Marieke Guijt and E. Bouwman


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