2013 Program

Lecturers and topics

Prof. Michel Orrit (UL) Single-molecule and single-nanoparticle optical spectroscopy (5 hours)
Dr. Paola Gori-Giorgi (VU) Density Functional Theory of strongly correlated systems (5 hours)
Prof. Marc Koper (UL) Electron transfer and electrocatalysis (5 hours)
Dr. Yves Rezus (AMOLF) Nonlinear infrared spectroscopy (5 hours)
Dr. Bernd Ensing (UvA) Transition path theory (4 hours)


Registration opens:September 2, 2013
Registration deadline:November 11, 2013
Pay before:November 15, 2013
Schedule:Monday 9 Dec (first lecture starts at 17:00)
 Friday 13 Dec (last lecture ends at 13:00,
depart after lunch)


The first lecture will start on Monday at 17:00. The last lecture ends at 13:00 on Friday, we depart after lunch.

9:00-11:00 11:00-13:00 17:00-19:00 20:45-22:00
Monday     Ensing Presentations I
Tuesday Rezus Ensing Rezus Presentations II
Wednesday Rezus/Koper Koper Orrit Presentations III
Thursday Orrit Koper Gori-Giorgi Excercises
Friday Orrit/Gori-Giorgi Gori-Giorgi departure after lunch  

Student presentations I (Monday)

20:45 - 21:05
Investigation of elastin-like peptides by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy
Oleg Selig and Yves Rezus
21:10 - 21:30
Asymmetric catalysts and VCD spectroscopy
Mojgan Heshmat and Evert Jan Baerends
21:35 - 21:55
Optimal excited-sate geometries of small organic molecules with VMC
Riccardo Guareschi and Claudia Filippi

Student presentations II (Tuesday)

20:45 - 21:05
Resolving the free phycobilisomes (PB) and the PB-PSII-complex contribution to the PAM-signal of Synechocystis PCC 6803
Alonso Acuña and Ivo H.M. van Stokkum
21:10 - 21:30
Spin-dependent optical transitions and selection rules in organic molecules and semiconductors
Diederik Perdok, M.A. Loi, H.B. Broer, R.W.A. Havenith, and C.H. van der Wal
21:35 - 21:55
Coupling water oxidation catalysts into the artificial leaf system
Jessica de Ruiter, Adriano Monti, and Francesco Buda

Student presentations III (Wednesday)

20:45 - 21:05
Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics study of CHD3 dissociation on Pt(111)
Francesco Nattino, M. van Hemert, and G.J. Kroes
21:10 - 21:30
Collision-induced absorption of N2-N2 pairs
Tijs Karman, Gerrit Groenenboom, and Ad van der Avoird
21:35 - 21:55
Elucidating the Fischer-Tropsch reaction by ab-initio microkinetic modeling
Ivo Filot and Emiel Hensen


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