Lecturers and topics

Prof. Wim Briels (TU-Twente) Relativity and gravitation (5 hours)
Prof. Luuk Visscher (VU) Diracs equation and other prerequisites for achieving high accuracy in quantum chemistry (5 hours)
Prof. Claudia Filippi (TU-Twente) Solving the Schrödinger equation with random walks: Introduction to quantum Monte Carlo methods (5 hours)
Prof. Marloes Groot (VU) Spectroscopy on photoactive proteins (5 hours)
Dr. Bernd Ensing (UvA) Electrochemistry and simulation of charge transfer reactions (4 hours)


Schedule:Monday 12 Dec (first lecture starts at 17:00)
 Friday 16 Dec (last lecture ends at 13:00,
depart after lunch)


The first lecture will start on Monday at 17:00. The last lecture ends at 13:00 on Friday, we depart after lunch.

9:00-11:00 11:00-13:00 17:00-19:00 20:45-22:00
Monday     Briels Presentations I
Tuesday Briels Filippi Visscher Presentations II
Wednesday Briels/Visscher Filippi Groot Presentations III
Thursday Groot Groot/Filippi Ensing Excercises
Friday EnsingVisscher departure after lunch  

Student presentations I (Monday)

20:45 - 21:05
Friction at the atomic scale, an approach with the Frenkel-Kontorova model
Joost van den Ende, Annalisa Fasolino and Astrid de Wijn
21:10 - 21:30
Molecular surface diffusion on interstellar dust grains
L.J. Karssemeijer and H.M. Cuppen
21:35 - 21:55
Catalytic Methane Activation by d10 Transition Metal Complexes
Lando P. Wolters and F. Matthias Bickelhaupt

Student presentations II (Tuesday)

20:45 - 21:05
A new simulation technique to compute the mechanism and free energy landscape for complex reactions
Grisell Diaz Leines and Bernd Ensing
21:10 - 21:30
Van der Waals interaction in DMFT
Lukasz Mentel and Evert Jan Baerends
21:35 - 21:55
Towards an active site mimic of F0F1-ATPase: Proton transfer from glutamic acid to arginine
Sander Jaeqx and Anouk M. Rijs

Student presentations III (Wednesday)

20:45 - 21:05
Evolution of magnetic and NLO properties in large (anti)aromatic open-shell systems
Raphaël Carion and Benoît Champagne
21:10 - 21:30
Full CI Quantum Monte Carlo
Csaba Daday, Claudia Filippi and Ali Alavi
21:35 - 21:55
An extention of the Hirshfeld method to open shell systems using fractional occupations
Davy Geldof and C. Van Alsenoy


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